Best WordPress For Writers Just Got Better

WordPress blogging platform is one of the best ways for writers to build websites to showcase their writing talent. It is also a great way to build an online writing portfolio and is a very useful platform for earning money writing online. Now that WordPress 3.0 has been released, the question is when to install the new version.If you are used to software updates on your personal computer, you might be tempted to run out and install the latest version of blogging software right away in order to get all the new features and bug fixes. When it comes to using WordPress to make money writing online, that is not always the best strategy.

In order to make money writing online, you need more than just the default base installation of WordPress. There are important plugins for WordPress to search optimize your posts, to automatically configure Google Analytics, and caching plugins for WordPress. Of course, don’t forget about the customizations from WordPress themes. If you are a professional writer building a money making website online, or just using a website to showcase your own writing or writing business, you need a high-quality theme.

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The best WordPress themes for writers are not always fancy, but they do make full use of all the available WordPress functionality. That means that upgrading your WordPress installation is about more than just updating WordPress. You also have to update your WordPress plug-ins, your WordPress themes, and any custom code that you implemented yourself in order to maximize the earning potential or traffic building power of your online web presence. Unless you wrote the HTML, CSS, and source code for the WordPress add-ons you have installed, you have to wait for the developers of them to update their themes and plugins. Since most of these are free, chances are that they are not the only things going on in that developer’s life which means you might have to wait a few days, or even a week or two for your favorite WordPress plugins and writing themes to be fully upgraded to support the latest version of WordPress.

Over the next few days, you will notice that most or all of your plugins will be updated. You can see this by looking at the number in the circle near the word Plugins on the current WordPress dashboard screen. Once most of your plugins have been updated (and once ALL of your critical function plugins have been updated), then and only then, can you look at upgrading your blog to WordPress 3.0.

Until then, just sit tight. WordPress 3.0 is all about better functionality, more blogging features, and better performance and faster speed. There is no need to update immediately for security reasons. That means that being patient is also be safe. Better that, than to take down your passive income generation machine.

Best WordPress Themes For Writers Earning Money Online

Let’s face it, the fastest and easiest way to make money writing online is by generating a truckload of good, solid, easy to write, usable content, just like you do every day as a skilled writer. Then, sign up for Google’s advertising program and get approved for Google AdSense and put some well placed ads on your high-quality content. Of course, you’ll also be on the hook for driving some traffic to your content by link building and other online marketing tactics, but you’ll have to do that no matter what you do to earn money online.

Yes, there are other affiliate marketing programs or those semi-legitimate pay per action ads that may or may not pay out higher income, but they all take another level of effort that diverges into the world of web design and Internet marketing. There isn’t anything wrong with that, of course, it just is not the same thing as earning money by writing online. When it comes to making money from your writing (and, of course, some basic level search engine optimization and writing techniques) Google AdSense plus good original content is king.

Best WordPress Themes for Writers To Use For Earning Money

In order to make setup, design, and adding content as simple as possible, many professional writers use the WordPress blogging platform as their content management back-end. You just pick a theme, tweak some settings for maximum search engine impact, add some useful WordPress plugins for writers, pick a good WordPress theme and then start writing.

The catch is that finding a good WordPress theme is not as easy as it sounds. Unfortunately, many theme directories have taken to showing just the upper-left hand corner of a theme screenshot. That isn’t very helpful if you are looking for a good WordPress theme for writers that displays your content elegantly and powerfully. After all, WHO CARES what the header image is? If you aren’t replacing that image anyway, you aren’t really customizing your publishing platform.

Even worse are the fatal flaws that can make your AdSense earnings lower than they should be without you even knowing it!

Every expert there is from Google itself, to advertising experts, to off-line advertisers, to writers and bloggers that actually make their living writing online will give you one major piece of advice for generating higher income from AdSense. That advice is to put a prominent ad above the fold. That means that the best WordPress themes for writers leave room for an ad and some content near the top of the design.

For those of you who haven’t gotten down the basic terminology of design and marketing online, above the fold for webpages basically means what the visitor to your website can see when the page first loads. In other words, above the fold is what you can see without scrolling down.

Now, do just a little bit of math (metaphorically speaking) and tell me, how can you display your article title, show at least a minimum amount of catchy, attention grabbing text from your writing, and show a decent sized Google ad, when the theme has some huge header image built-in?

Seriously, if you are looking at a WordPress theme with a header image and menu area that takes up one-third of the screen before it shows a single bit of word-based content, you are looking at a money losing theme for writers, not a money making theme for writers. Big, fancy graphics might look nice in a theme gallery, but they are space wasting, income ruining, bandwidth hogging, non-features when it comes to really making money writing online from home or anywhere else.

Make sure your WordPress theme is efficient and readable, or all the WordPress theme SEO-optimized header tags and other nonsense in the world won’t make a bit of difference.

Finding Good WordPress Themes for Writers

best-wordpress-themes-for-writers-finding-quality-top-graphic Finding the best WordPress themes for writers isn’t easy. In fact, it can be downright frustrating. Browsing through theme directories or scrolling through a huge WordPress theme gallery can be a daunting and unproductive task. Throw in the fact that the average screenshot graphic picture doesn’t really give you much of an idea how the theme actually works (does it have drop down menus, does it use lots of custom functions, does it require plug-ins, does it use too much JavaScript, and so on) and you have a recipe for a lot of wasted time that could be better used writing great high-quality content for your freelance writing business website.

Another option is to find a website dedicated to WordPress or to web design and search for articles listing their Top 10 WordPress themes, or their favorite “clean” WordPress themes, or magazine themes, or whatever. The catch to this approach is that you never really know the motivation of the author who wrote the article, or how hard they really looked into it before creating their post. After all, best WordPress theme posts are popular and with the right search engine optimization and linking, they can also be search engine traffic goldmines. This is likely why you see a lot of the same themes show up in post after post about which themes are the best. Ironically, I’ve seen the same WordPress themes listed in articles about the Top WordPress themes for Personal Bloggers and Top WordPress themes for corporate blogs, although one might assume that such criteria would generate differing lists.

The worst part is that some WordPress developers have built themes for writers based, not on experience as a writer, or based on a writer’s specifications, but based on what they imagine a writer to be. Unfortunately, it appears that “writer” conjures up images of 15 year-old girls writing angst filled poetry in their bedrooms without a thought in their heads about money or worldly possessions. Either that, or some “screw the money” hard-boiled journalist who just wants to get the truth out there without having to go through a pin-headed editor.

A real freelance writer wants a WordPress theme that makes it easy to WRITE without all of that other stuff getting in the way, not as the developers assume, a theme that makes it easy to READ without all of those pesky revenue generating ads and passive income generating affiliate links.

Open note to WordPress developers looking to make a new WordPress theme for writers: We are GOOD at what we do. That means that we don’t have any fear that some ads or graphics are going to overshadow the text we write for our websites. We don’t need empty. We need profitable, easy, and customizable. Oh, and also, don’t do things that makes it look like stuff we wrote awhile ago is now junk. With the exception of current events, we try and write content that will stand the test of time.

Where to Find Best WordPress Themes For Writing Websites

The best bet is to find a respected and trusted WordPress resource. That way, at least you know the list of themes they generate is probably a good starting point for your WordPress theme search, if nothing else. Try websites like Smashing Magazine and Hongkiat for starters. If you are a little more familiar with computers, coding, HTML, and the like, a great resource is Cats Who Code. Of course, be sure to watch the dates!

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WordPress updates pretty fast, and the best WordPress themes for version 2.6 might not be the best WordPress themes for version 2.9. Worst case scenario, some themes might be so out of date that they actually don’t function properly with WordPress any more. Even if the theme does work, that doesn’t mean it is ideal. Many great WordPress themes include features that were added on by the theme developer to address a short coming in the main WordPress release. However, WordPress tends to eventually incorporate the best feature ideas and suggestions, so these band-aids can actually become a determinant to a site’s speed and compatibility.

WordPress itself maintains a WordPress Theme Directory, and there are tons of others as any Google search will reveal. There are plenty of free WordPress themes out there that are high-quality. Until you have built and run a couple of blogs for awhile, stick with those. What you think you want today will almost certainly not be what you need once you really understand what you are doing.

As it turns out, however, the absolute best way to find awesome WordPress themes is to check out the ones your favorite websites already are using. All it takes is a little knowledge to know how to tell what WordPress theme any website is using.