There are a million websites out there about making money online.  99.9% of them are scams.  Even those that aren’t cover mostly the same ground.  Setup a site, get your keywords just right, then go beg everyone you can find to link to you in just the right way.  Let the ads make you money.

Sure, that’s one way to do it.

But, what if you are actually a talented writer?  What if you are someone who likes to write, and can do it well?  Do you really want to just setup whatever keyword based websites you can and fill them with 20 pages of junk and then move on to the next one?

Of course not.  What you would want to do, is build up websites that allow you to write about topics that interest you; topics that you would WANT to write about and THEN make money writing online about those topics on your very own websites.

That is what Make Money Writing Online is all about.  I’ll show you how to make money online as a freelance writer writing your own stuff for your own sites about topics that you like, not how to be the online version of a door-to-door salesman or telemarketer.  After all, you left your hollow corporate job to become a freelance writer to stop selling out, not just to do it in a different way.

Join us.  You’ll be glad you did.

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