Don’t Let AdSense Sites Go Inactive

Once upon a time, when you had an AdSense account, you could just add the AdSense code to your next site, and the next, and so on, and it would work. Unfortunately, like always, people abused this feature and AdSense started requiring that every new site get its own review to ensure that it qualifies for AdSense.

Qualify for AdSense

Now, it is not hard to qualify for AdSense, no matter what the link building whiners will tell you. All you need to do is build a reasonably decent looking website and fill it with enough worthwhile content. However, if you are trying to juggle dozens of websites as part of a growing ad funded web empire, finding the time to add enough content can be tricky.

The good news is that if you keep those old auto-approved websites up and running and getting the occasional ad display or click, AdSense will happily keep them on your active list and show those sweet money earning ads on them. The bad news is that if you have several websites in various stages of building and updating, you might not notice that one (or two) websites going inactive on your AdSense account. Usually, it’s your own fault because you took the site offline to upgrade it, or you updated the site and forgot to put the AdSense code back on. Either way, no AdSense traffic for too long and you get the old “Requires review status. Once that happens, you need to requalify and that site might not qualify anymore if you ditched a bunch of the traffic, or if you abandoned the site to the magical land of passive income.

Recovering From Needs Review

Now, if your website becomes inactive, and you bring it back online filled with content and with a decent design, then no harm, no foul. Otherwise, your review will lead to “Needs attention.”

Assuming you aren’t a scammer, or trying to build something shady, the most likely issue with your website is that it no longer has enough content, or the content it has isn’t worthwhile. The fix is simple. More, quality content.

Ironically, this poor website falls into that category.

Once upon a time it was filled with what, in my humble option, was plenty of high-quality content, but I was working on other things. Some of my other efforts overlapped with this site dedicated to making money writing online and I let the content here grow stale. In all honesty, there was still a trickle of traffic and if I had just left it alone it would still be approved for AdSense to this day.

However, I didn’t like the look of it, so I started messing around with new designs and themes. I deleted a bunch of content that I either didn’t like, or was out of date, and redirected the URLs. Then, I decided to move it to one of my better hosts in an effort to clear off one of my older hosts that I didn’t really want to keep using or paying money for. Then, well… life happened. I had freelance writing projects to finish. I ended up in the hospital for several months with cancer, and then a “usually fatal” fungal infection. I worked on other things. By the time I got back to and put it back online it had gone to Needs review. Thanks to all the content I deleted, there really wasn’t much left.

So, here we are. A website about making money writing online that isn’t making money. Irony can be pretty ironic sometimes ?

New High-Quality Content

The solution is straightforward, add more high-quality content. On one hand it’s easy. On the other hand, the only way to generate high-value content is to take the time to write it. As a writer that should be easy. But, also as a writer, I always have more that I want to write than I ever could write.

The solution?


Something this ADHD brain isn’t the best at. Actually, that’s a lie. I’m great at planning. I’m not so great at doing the activity planned for 10:00 am when I’m interested in something else. So, the solution is sticking to the plan. I probably won’t do that either, but at least if there is a plan eventually the guilt-monster will get me to crank out some content.

See you then.

In the meantime, there’s always Amazon…

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