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Logged into my HubPages author account today and noticed that I now have a HubKarma score.

What is HubKarma?

Simply put, HubKarma is a score from 1 to 100 based on how many hubs you link to that are not your own. In other words, if you are writing hubs to build backlinks to your own website and also making links to your own hubs, but not going out and reading and linking to everyone else’s hubs, then you will have a low HubKarma score.

If, on the other hand, you do plenty of linking to other HubPages of hot girls or whatever other hubs you can find by other Hubbers, then you will have a high HubKarma score.

Does HubKarma matter?

Right now, that remains to be seen, although the official HubPages information states that HubKarma is a “small part” of your overall author score HubRank and because you need a HubRank over 75 to get your links off of the no follow status, that might matter to some people. Of course, if you write more than a handful of decent hubs and make a comment or two every once and a while, your HubScore will soar into the 80s in no time, so HubKarma is worthless to those writers.

I’ll update with more information about HubKarma once I get a chance to actually take a closer look at it. For the time being, I would say that this is nothing more than an attempt by the folks at HubPages to get more traffic for HubPages overall at the expense of the individual hubber who might theoretically lose some of their traffic by having it diverted off to another writer’s hubs. In the end, HubKarma can’t make much of a difference because if it is too important, it will drive away writers who aren’t interested in building traffic for others. And, those writers are the good writers who write plenty of useful Hubs.

Considering how many links are already automatically inserted into every hub via the sidebar, I can only assume that no one clicks on those and / or that those links count very little for search engine ranking purposes and Google indexing.

Stay tuned…

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