HubPages HubRank Minimum to Avoid NoFollowed Links

I’ve started up a bit of an experiment regarding the all comers content publishing site called HubPages.

Recently, there was a bit of a hub bub (Hah!) when a well known Internet marketing website personality suggested that writing 30 Hubs in 30 Days could lead to improved search engine rankings for a website.

At the time, I was too busy to look into it, and frankly, I’m not really the type to jump in and do something because everyone else is doing it. However, at the conclusion of the experiment, not only were they able to get their search engine rankings to improve, but they were also actually making money off of the published Hubs.

I put it in the back of mind as something to check into at a later date. That later date, is now.

HubPage Nofollow Rules

There is a catch. As some sort of method to weed out spammers and other unsavory publishers, HubPages automatically nofollows the links of all Hubs from starting authors, or Hub Builders. My HubPages NoFollow Guide is a good place to get the juicy details.

Each Hubber, as HubPages authors are called, is given a HubRank. Your HubRank is essentially an automated ranking of you as an author. Everyone starts out low. (I don’t remember the exact number, I’ll have to look it up.) By publishing Hubs, and by “participating” on HubPages your score rises. Until your score reaches at least 75, all of your outbound links, like those being bragged about during the 30 hubs in 30 days posts, are nofollowed.

Each individual Hub is also ranked. This individual Hub rank is called a HubScore. Rankings seem to start at 50 and then work their way higher based on things like how much traffic they get, how many people vote them up, and so on. So long as the HubSocre is above 40, the links will not be nofollowed and the power of writing for HubPages is now within your hands.

According to my profile, I joined 5 weeks ago, but I only wrote my first hub 4 days ago. So far, I have published 5 Hubs and commented on a dozen or so posts. My HubRank has risen to 71, so I’m 4 away from the promised land of 75 and all of my links having their nofollow tags removed.

HubPage AdSense Challenge

While reading various hubs, I came across one where the author noted how many highly ranked (several #1 results) pages he had in Google search results and yet how little money he made from his AdSense ads.

It didn’t take long to see a couple of common misconceptions in how online advertising programs like Google AdSense work. I wrote up a Hub (nach) describing the misunderstandings many people have about working with AdSense, and as challenged by the original Hub poster, I also laid out step by step instructions for how to make some AdSense income based on his hubs.

Basically, it is finding a better paying keyword with low competition and the leveraging those high ranking website’s authority to drive higher and better paying traffic to a new Hub with a better keyword. Hopefully it works for him and help make money with AdSense.

Drop by and check out my profile: Hub Llama

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