Why Do My Keywords Count Not Match My Visitors Count

Welcome to Google’s world. A long time ago, but in a land close by, Google reported what search phrase the user entered into Google search before clicking on the link to your website. As you can imagine this data was enormously valuable to web publishers and content creators. However, Google does not like giving away anything valuable. So, in an announcement, the company said that it would no longer provide search data to website owners because of “privacy” which of course is preposterous since no user information came with the keyword data. But Google has spoken and that is that.

why are my keywords lower

Where Do My Keyword Sessions Count Come From

So, you say, “If there is no data from Google for searches then how do I get a count of sessions?” Then, you ask, “Where do the keywords that show up in my various reports come from?”

Google Analytics can only report on keywords that visitors use to arrive via organic search.

The session count, or per visitor count, that you see represents how many people searched for those keywords somewhere that is not Google. Those search engines and directories happily share keyword data with content creators so that they can maybe improve or expand their content. The best way to help visitors to your website is to ensure that you provide what they are looking for. This is much easier when you know what they were looking for.

Obviously, other search engines and directories get far less searches than Google and therefore send less traffic to your site. So, when you see that you have 500 sessions, but just 40 clicks and 15,000 impressions, or something like that, the keyword counts are based on visitors sent your way by non-Google sources. The difference in the counts are the searches that Google sent you.

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