WordPress Themes Designs and Good-Looking Websites Done Easy

Let’s start with content is king.

This is still mostly true barring any funny business, or hyper-competitive categories where Google algorithmically, or manually, stacks the deck. That being said, your website probably needs to look pretty decent, especially to first time viewers who show up via a Twitter link, a recommendation, or search results. To this end, one can drop a few bucks and get a WordPress theme that more or less takes care of everything; that is until you get that itch on the side of your brain that says, “Hey! What if we spiffed this up a bit?”

ADHD and a New Day in the Web Empire

Hi! I have ADHD. (addessories.com) Having ADHD means a lot of different things to a lot of different people but, most of them can relate to starting a project that you are crazy excited about, getting pulled away to do something else, and then forgetting all about it.

Bearing that in mind, welcome to MakeMoneyWriting.com my blog idea from many, many, years ago when I decided I should separate what I write on my professional freelance writing site (ArcticLlama.com) and what I write about building your own websites, or otherwise profiting off your writing online.

GeneratePress Premium WordPress Stuff

It would appear that I bought GeneratePress over a year ago. Installed the default template here and then updated it once or twice. Then, today, when I’m flying out of town, I had a thought about which premium WordPress themes and plugins I owned, because of course I did.

I have two ways of knowing what I past-me bought that today-me can’t remember. One is seeing if I have a login in my password manager. If so, then I have some sort of account there. The other is to check my tax receipts folder. If I bought something for my online website empire business, I’m sure I deducted it.

So, it turns out that my GeneratePress Premium subscription “expired” in January. Now, they can’t keep me from using the code I already have, that’s some sort of WordPress licensing thing, but I might be blocked for updates. What I really need is a theme that looks better than whatever I slapped on before.

Yup, no more updates for me.

Elementor Premium WordPress Stuff

Enter Elementor. I don’t remember why, but I have a note for it in Notes (the Office one) where I keep all of my “remember this when you start a new website” stuff. I’ve never used Elementor that I recall and I have no account or receipt to indicate otherwise. I can only assume then that I read, heard, or saw something that recommended Elementor and I like the cut of their jib.

Here is where things get interesting. Elementor offers two different setups. In one setup, you get “optimized” WordPress hosting AND the ability to use Elementor premium stuff on ONE website for $99 per year.

If you don’t already have hosting, and you are only looking to build one WordPress site, then this is a great deal. It’s hosting for less than $10 per month and you get their premium stuff. But… if you have or are planning on more websites, $100 each per year is too steep.

They have a different option where you can use the Elementor premium stuff on 25 websites for $199/year. That’s a non-starter until I know I love it. There is a 1 website for $49, but that seems a poor value. You can get 3 websites for $99 with some sort of small font special.

GeneratePress vs Elementor vs Both

I like the sound of that, but again, what if I don’t like it, use it, need it? That brings me back to GeneratePress. Although my sub is expired, I could still mess around with it. I can use their $59 per year premium subscription for up to “500 websites”.

There is something about Elementor that intrigues me. Probably because it’s new and we ADHD adults love something shiny and new. It’s not like I CAN’T drop $49 or $99 and run with it, it’s just that I don’t want to waste money on subs I’ll forget to cancel ?

I need to finish packing and get on an airplane but I don’t want to lose this train of thought, so here we go. I’ll update/correct/fix/link this later.

3 thoughts on “WordPress Themes Designs and Good-Looking Websites Done Easy”

  1. Oh yeah. This is why I have a bunch of GeneratePress tabs open on my laptop. I don’t have time for this nonsense. Gonna drop the $59 and run. If I ever come back to it, I’ll give Elementor a shot… maybe.

  2. Alrighty. Here we go. A theme from the pro Site Library imported and up and running. Hopefully, I’ll be back later to customize and really take advantage of it. If not, at least it doesn’t look like this website has been abandoned since 2005.


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