WordPress Version 6.2

WordPress Updates to 6.2

There are many, many different ways to develop and publish a website, but nobody ever got fired for using WordPress. WordPress dominates the charts for the percentage of content management systems (CMS) published across the internet. It is also frequently, and competently updated.

A WordPress Version Update Procedure: The fast, fast version

My process for rolling out WordPress updates is terrible from the viewpoint of best practices, but I’m a busy man. Backing up, testing, rolling back, as they say, “Ain’t nobody got time for that.” Rather I pick one of my sites that hasn’t started doing much traffic lately, and I update WordPress on it. No backups. I’ll just see if it ends up working.

Then I work up the food chain, so to speak. Installing on progressively more important sites in my web properties portfolio. I stop if it breaks. I keep going if it doesn’t. It usually doesn’t. The good thing about being an open-source software property with full-time employees and decades of institutional memory is that you tend to produce stable, usable, updates. Some of the longer running WordPress theme makers have a similar advantage.

Of course, there is no reason to take the chance.


There are these penguins that gather at the edge of an ice cliff while waiting to go into the water. None of them tries to jump first, but eventually, too many penguins in too little space, and one of them gets bumped into the water. The other penguins carefully watch to see if a predator pops up to eat the poor, accidental sacrifice. Then, if the coast is clear, they jump into the water as well.

No Bonus for Being First to Update WordPress

Fortunately for those of us running WordPress websites, there are a lot of brave penguins out there jumping into the water. Detaching from this metaphor, I usually wait a few days and see how things work out. If there is a major problem, the web will burst with that information, and you can skip this update.

If there is no chatter– don’t worry about tiny slivers of misgivings — then it’s time to upgrade alt.nerds.obsessive.

Have a nice update.

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