WordPress Version 6.2

WordPress Updates to 6.2 There are many, many different ways to develop and publish a website, but nobody ever got fired for using WordPress. WordPress dominates the charts for the percentage of content management systems (CMS) published across the internet. It is also frequently, and competently updated. A WordPress Version Update Procedure: The fast, fast … Read more

Why Do My Keywords Count Not Match My Visitors Count

Welcome to Google’s world. A long time ago, but in a land close by, Google reported what search phrase the user entered into Google search before clicking on the link to your website. As you can imagine this data was enormously valuable to web publishers and content creators. However, Google does not like giving away … Read more

WordPress Themes Designs and Good-Looking Websites Done Easy

Let’s start with content is king. This is still mostly true barring any funny business, or hyper-competitive categories where Google algorithmically, or manually, stacks the deck. That being said, your website probably needs to look pretty decent, especially to first time viewers who show up via a Twitter link, a recommendation, or search results. To … Read more

All 6 Every Day

I have several different blogs on a lot of different platforms aimed at a lot of different audiences with a lot of different goals. That being the case, I’ve always had the notion that if I could focus on my six different blogs or websites, and update each of them every single day, that things … Read more