Make Money Writing Online

Welcome to the new blog dedicated to making money writing online.

I know what you are thinking, “Aren’t there already a million make money online websites out there?”

The answer is, “Yes, there are, but this isn’t one of them.”

You see, I’m a professional freelance writer.  I have numerous paying clients and I pay the bills with my writing, but I’ve noticed something.  Many of the online sites out there generating content are nothing more than page mills.  They hire writers as $5 or $10, or maybe even $15 per post and then have them crank out whatever 300 to 500 word articles they can.

Just what are they writing about you might ask.  Whatever.  Seriously.  It doesn’t matter.  What these content mills (they call themselves article directories or article depositories, or something) do is watch the Google search keywords and then ask their army of writers to write something (anything) to match those keywords.

The objective is not to educate or even build up a readership, it is mearly to get people onto their sites via search engine results and then serve up as many ads as possible.  That’s it.

So, it doesn’t really matter if the person writing about 1035 exchnages knows a darn thing about 1035 exchanges, real estate, or taxes, just as long as the article they deliver has the proper keywords and is in the ballpark of being accurate.  After all, these websites doen’t care if you find out anything useful about 1035 exchanges, all they want is for you to click on their ads.

What’s my point?

Imagine if a professional writer were to actually sit down and write useful, inspired, and educationaly content.  What if that writer actually knew the same tips and tricks that these content mills knew?  Then that writer could produce a quality website on 1035 exchanges AND make money writing online about them.

I’ve begun my journey.  I continue to write freelance articles for several clients both online and off (including some of the content mills).  This pays my bills today.

But, I have also started building up a set of websites that I am calling “The Empire” which I will use the techniques I have come to learn to position not only as top search results, but also as informative and trustworthy sources.  Along the way, I will make money writing online, and eventually will not bother freelance writing for others as my online web empire begins to generate enough money for me to live on.

Then, I will truly be living the dream.  A writer who gets to write what he loves and makes money doing it.

Come along for the ride.  I could use the company.

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