Writing What Else?

A writer writes… always. – I’ve used this quote from Throw Mamma from the Train for so long that I should probably get a tattoo. On the other hand, it is very true.

As we may have covered before, I run what I like to call an empire of websites that I build, guide, and nurture into money making websites. That requires a lot of different hats. For example, as of today on this website, I’m really focusing more on its appearance and structure, both of which are hurting its potential. While I love being a Web Developer in Colorado, my first passion is always writing. That voice you hear in your head? Mine is always writing, sometimes a long narrative across multiple locations and times, sometimes a single scene, brought on by what I saw in the refrigerator. Most common of all, writing a piece of dialog, getting it just right, and of course, following up with the response that would make what was said, the perfect thing that could be said.

Colorado Mug by Brian Nelson

Oh dear. I’ve gone all ADHD on this post. I’m sorry, but– and this was the point– I’m supposed to be working on the behind-the-scenes coding and user interface pieces to make this website both more useful, and more profitable. However, I allowed myself to write an article about this fun Colorado locations drawing mug I recently acquired. That should be it, but I came back here and realized that I had taken time away from this project.

In an effort to provide some value to this project and my website empire overall, I will allow this bit of writing to stay here for the time being. The lesson, which I am in no place to supply today, if you are going to make money writing online, you must be disciplined enough to write what you need to write more often than you find yourself writing what you wanted to write.

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