Best WordPress Themes For Writers Earning Money Online

Let’s face it, the fastest and easiest way to make money writing online is by generating a truckload of good, solid, easy to write, usable content, just like you do every day as a skilled writer. Then, sign up for Google’s advertising program and get approved for Google AdSense and put some well placed ads on your high-quality content. Of course, you’ll also be on the hook for driving some traffic to your content by link building and other online marketing tactics, but you’ll have to do that no matter what you do to earn money online.

Yes, there are other affiliate marketing programs or those semi-legitimate pay per action ads that may or may not pay out higher income, but they all take another level of effort that diverges into the world of web design and Internet marketing. There isn’t anything wrong with that, of course, it just is not the same thing as earning money by writing online. When it comes to making money from your writing (and, of course, some basic level search engine optimization and writing techniques) Google AdSense plus good original content is king.

Best WordPress Themes for Writers To Use For Earning Money

In order to make setup, design, and adding content as simple as possible, many professional writers use the WordPress blogging platform as their content management back-end. You just pick a theme, tweak some settings for maximum search engine impact, add some useful WordPress plugins for writers, pick a good WordPress theme and then start writing.

The catch is that finding a good WordPress theme is not as easy as it sounds. Unfortunately, many theme directories have taken to showing just the upper-left hand corner of a theme screenshot. That isn’t very helpful if you are looking for a good WordPress theme for writers that displays your content elegantly and powerfully. After all, WHO CARES what the header image is? If you aren’t replacing that image anyway, you aren’t really customizing your publishing platform.

Even worse are the fatal flaws that can make your AdSense earnings lower than they should be without you even knowing it!

Every expert there is from Google itself, to advertising experts, to off-line advertisers, to writers and bloggers that actually make their living writing online will give you one major piece of advice for generating higher income from AdSense. That advice is to put a prominent ad above the fold. That means that the best WordPress themes for writers leave room for an ad and some content near the top of the design.

For those of you who haven’t gotten down the basic terminology of design and marketing online, above the fold for webpages basically means what the visitor to your website can see when the page first loads. In other words, above the fold is what you can see without scrolling down.

Now, do just a little bit of math (metaphorically speaking) and tell me, how can you display your article title, show at least a minimum amount of catchy, attention grabbing text from your writing, and show a decent sized Google ad, when the theme has some huge header image built-in?

Seriously, if you are looking at a WordPress theme with a header image and menu area that takes up one-third of the screen before it shows a single bit of word-based content, you are looking at a money losing theme for writers, not a money making theme for writers. Big, fancy graphics might look nice in a theme gallery, but they are space wasting, income ruining, bandwidth hogging, non-features when it comes to really making money writing online from home or anywhere else.

Make sure your WordPress theme is efficient and readable, or all the WordPress theme SEO-optimized header tags and other nonsense in the world won’t make a bit of difference.

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