Finding Good WordPress Themes for Writers

best-wordpress-themes-for-writers-finding-quality-top-graphic Finding the best WordPress themes for writers isn’t easy. In fact, it can be downright frustrating. Browsing through theme directories or scrolling through a huge WordPress theme gallery can be a daunting and unproductive task. Throw in the fact that the average screenshot graphic picture doesn’t really give you much of an idea how the theme actually works (does it have drop down menus, does it use lots of custom functions, does it require plug-ins, does it use too much JavaScript, and so on) and you have a recipe for a lot of wasted time that could be better used writing great high-quality content for your freelance writing business website.

Another option is to find a website dedicated to WordPress or to web design and search for articles listing their Top 10 WordPress themes, or their favorite “clean” WordPress themes, or magazine themes, or whatever. The catch to this approach is that you never really know the motivation of the author who wrote the article, or how hard they really looked into it before creating their post. After all, best WordPress theme posts are popular and with the right search engine optimization and linking, they can also be search engine traffic goldmines. This is likely why you see a lot of the same themes show up in post after post about which themes are the best. Ironically, I’ve seen the same WordPress themes listed in articles about the Top WordPress themes for Personal Bloggers and Top WordPress themes for corporate blogs, although one might assume that such criteria would generate differing lists.

The worst part is that some WordPress developers have built themes for writers based, not on experience as a writer, or based on a writer’s specifications, but based on what they imagine a writer to be. Unfortunately, it appears that “writer” conjures up images of 15 year-old girls writing angst filled poetry in their bedrooms without a thought in their heads about money or worldly possessions. Either that, or some “screw the money” hard-boiled journalist who just wants to get the truth out there without having to go through a pin-headed editor.

A real freelance writer wants a WordPress theme that makes it easy to WRITE without all of that other stuff getting in the way, not as the developers assume, a theme that makes it easy to READ without all of those pesky revenue generating ads and passive income generating affiliate links.

Open note to WordPress developers looking to make a new WordPress theme for writers: We are GOOD at what we do. That means that we don’t have any fear that some ads or graphics are going to overshadow the text we write for our websites. We don’t need empty. We need profitable, easy, and customizable. Oh, and also, don’t do things that makes it look like stuff we wrote awhile ago is now junk. With the exception of current events, we try and write content that will stand the test of time.

Where to Find Best WordPress Themes For Writing Websites

The best bet is to find a respected and trusted WordPress resource. That way, at least you know the list of themes they generate is probably a good starting point for your WordPress theme search, if nothing else. Try websites like Smashing Magazine and Hongkiat for starters. If you are a little more familiar with computers, coding, HTML, and the like, a great resource is Cats Who Code. Of course, be sure to watch the dates!

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WordPress updates pretty fast, and the best WordPress themes for version 2.6 might not be the best WordPress themes for version 2.9. Worst case scenario, some themes might be so out of date that they actually don’t function properly with WordPress any more. Even if the theme does work, that doesn’t mean it is ideal. Many great WordPress themes include features that were added on by the theme developer to address a short coming in the main WordPress release. However, WordPress tends to eventually incorporate the best feature ideas and suggestions, so these band-aids can actually become a determinant to a site’s speed and compatibility.

WordPress itself maintains a WordPress Theme Directory, and there are tons of others as any Google search will reveal. There are plenty of free WordPress themes out there that are high-quality. Until you have built and run a couple of blogs for awhile, stick with those. What you think you want today will almost certainly not be what you need once you really understand what you are doing.

As it turns out, however, the absolute best way to find awesome WordPress themes is to check out the ones your favorite websites already are using. All it takes is a little knowledge to know how to tell what WordPress theme any website is using.

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