Increase Traffic to Your Sites Easily With Images From Ads and Affiliate Links

Ask anyone and you will find that graphics and images make your websites and blogs more appealing and easier to read. Websites that are good looking will keep readers around longer and build more web traffic. But finding suitable graphics and then getting them uploaded, re-sized, linked, and listed with the proper HTML code and ALT tags can be time consuming.  Here is a quick tip to make posting your writing with images faster and easier, whether you are building a full website from scratch, or posting to an established WordPress blog.

You can do this all of the time, but for those instances where a customized graphic or image just isn’t going to be worth the time or effort, consider using graphical ads as your images instead. Amazon’s affiliate program, Amazon Associates, offers numerous types of advertisements that you can place on your website. You earn money when people buy something at Amazon based on the ads you put up on your site.  Choose a graphical advertisement under either "Links" or "Widgets" and past the code into your post. Maybe like, oh say, this one 🙂


Use Relevant Ads to Make Your Site Better

Make sure the ad is relevant to your posting. Check out this recent post at a Dad Parenting Advice blog about how cargo shorts can help with a young child’s collection of sticks and rocks. A few minutes at the Amazon Associates site and a colorful graphic of cargo shorts is ready to go on the website.  And, since the article is about cargo shorts, the images fit perfectly; they certainly look as good as any shorts picture you would find laying around in a clip art gallery or stock photography website.

While it is by no means a certainty, it is completely possible that a Dad or Mom reading that article would think to themselves, "Hey, he’s right. Cargo shorts would be a great way to help carry around some of my baby stuff." In that case, the reader might actually appreciate the useful link to find some of those shorts.

As an added bonus, if someone does happen to be moved to buy something from that link, either because of the site’s persuasive prose, or because of the catchy ad served from Amazon’s own web servers, then the author makes money from their online writings.

Isn’t that the whole point?



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