Is JustRetweet Worth It or Not?

JustRetweet is an interesting online social marketing service. The idea is simple. You upload a tweet for Twitter that you want retweeted. Then, other users of the service retweet your tweet for you. Of course, such a system is ripe for abuse, so the website has some interesting mechanisms to avoid turning into a scam for spammers.

How To Use JustRetweet

JustRetweet works on a credit system. You can get credits in one of two ways. First, of course, you can pay money for credits. Second, you can earn credits by retweeting other user’s tweets. Either way, you will have to login via your Twitter account. Doing so authorizes the system to make tweets on your behalf, which is how the system keeps track of what you retweet and awards you the credits.

Users offer a certain number of credits for each retweet. To retweet and accept the offer, click Schedule Retweet. The software then builds a tweet for you and sends it to your Twitter account. To avoid stacking up a bunch of retweets all at once in your timeline, there is a built in scheduler. By default, a tweet goes out from Just Retweet every 15 minutes, however, you can adjust it in settings.

How To Get Retweets with

Once you have some credits, you can ask users to retweet a tweet for you. Click where it says to submit a retweet. Type what you would like to tweet. Include the link or anything else you like in the tweet.

First, there is a box which you use to set how much you will pay per retweet. Look on the pages where other people have offers to see what the going rate is. For example, if you really want retweets, then you may have to offer 30 credits in some categories, but only 10 in others. Second, you put how many retweets you are willing to pay for, or the maximum number of retweets. The total cost is the amount per retweet times the maximum retweets number. It calculates this number for you where it says, “You will spend X credits.”

just retweet screnshot

So far, so good.

Here is where it gets tricky. The total amount of your offer (per retweet X max. retweets) will be deducted in full, IMMEDIATELY from your account. In other words, if you offer 10 credits for up to 50 retweets, you will pay 500 credits right away, not 5 credits every time someone retweets your post.

This is important for two reasons. First, you can run out of credits faster this way leaving you unable to submit more retweets without earning, or buying, more credits. Second, you pay the full amount, even if you don’t get the full number of retweets. In other words, using the example above, if only 10 people take you up on your offer, you still pay the full 500 credits, not just the 100 credits for the people who actually retweeted. Technically, your offer remains in the system, but it will drop off the recent screen as time goes by.

The best way to use JustRetweet is to offer a small number of maximum retweets at a time. When you offer has been used up, submit a new offer. That way you don’t waste credits paying for retweets that aren’t going to happen. You can also judge the demand at your price point. If you offer 20 credits and get your maximum retweets quickly, then you can try offering 15 credits or 10 credits and save some credits. Conversely, if you get no takers at 20 credits, then you don’t waste credits on a high maximum number of retweets that are never going to happen.

I’ll keep you posted as I experiment with this service and figure out if JustRetweet is worth it or not. If it is worth it, I’ll expand to a full JustRetweet review of the best ways to get the most bang for the buck.

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