JustRetweet Tip

I mention that I’m testing JustRetweet and have found a couple of interesting quirks.

First, and foremost, retweets definitely boost your Klout score, but in and of themselves, do not necessarily drive more traffic or improve your search rankings, at least not right away.

Second, if you put out an offer with a low credit amount offered for each retweet, it seems that it will still get taken, eventually. What this means is that if you offer, 3 credits, for example, people will still retweet it, but slowly. Apparently only certain users are interested in a retweet for such a low amount. The upside to this approach is that the tweets continue for several days, or even weeks. The downside, is that the people who do, eventually, accept these offers aren’t necessarily power Twitter users. Of course, not too many power Twitter users are doing a lot of retweets anyway.

Third, remember that the entire balance of your OFFER is deducted immediately from your Retweet credits. That means that you pay right away to use this technique, even if it takes several weeks for all of your retweets to happen.

Fourth, there is also the ability to offer people to +1 your post instead of retweeting it. I need to see exactly what this ends up looking like as people are apparently +1-ing your tweet and not the original link that you put inside your tweet.

Anyone else have any tips for using Just Retweet effectively?

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