4 Ways To Make More Money Writing Online With Shorter Tighter Articles

shorter-is-better One of the main issues many writers stumble upon when starting to make money online by writing is that the starter jobs almost always pay a low per article rate.  That isn’t necessarily a bad thing because you have to start somewhere.  However, if you don’t want to miss a mortgage payment, you’ll have to write those low per post rate articles fast, fast, fast!

Here are 4 Ways To Shorter More Profitable Writing

1) Leave Out the Exceptions – Every rule has an exception, but if you are writing a 300 word blog post, that is not the place to cover them.

2) Make Some Assumptions – Assume a certain level of common knowledge among your readers based on who you are writing for and start your article there.  Readers of an engineering blog already know about basic math, don’t cover it again.

3) Learn How to Write 300 Word Articles – Many websites have a 300 word minimum because SEO consultants and other search engine gurus tell them that posts between 300 words and 500 words are the best length for getting high search engine rankings.  So, learn to write good articles in just 300 words.  It’s faster than writing 700 words!

4) Stop Counting – Want to know why this list has 4 items?  Because that is how many popped into my head as I was writing.  That means I banged out this whole post faster than Boxer takes a dive in Vegas.  There is nothing magical about lists with 5 items, or a top 10 list.  Just because Letterman does a Top 10 every time, doesn’t mean you have to.

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