Top 5 Ways to Make Money Writing Online

Make Money Writing Online Basics.

  1. Write content for other webmasters or websites.
  2. Write articles for article directories or article repositories.
  3. Write articles for article distribution services and services that sell content.
  4. Use affiliate program links in your articles.
  5. Put ads on your websites and in your content.
  • Top Website Advertising Program: Google AdSense
  • Top Affiliate Program for Reviews and Product Recommendations:  Amazon Affiliates
  • Top Article Database or Top Article Repository: eHow, Associated Content
  • Top Websites to Write For – Large Writer Pool:  Bright Hub, Demand Studios

Top Make Money Writing Online Tip: Always write for cash, up front, payment only.  Only take revenue sharing, traffic share, or ad revenue sharing, as an add-on or bonus, never as the only means of payment.

If you want to write for free, write for eHow, Associated Content, or other article directories in order to get links back to your own sites.

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