Start Up Writing Business Guide

Check out the recently published Writing Business Start-Up Guide.  The guide will grow and expand over time, but for now, includes all important information about getting a taxpayer ID number instead of using your Social Security Number on your W9 Forms. It also covers why almost all professional freelance writers should be incorporated as an … Read more

Keep Traffic Up and Make More Money By Keeping It Fresh

One of the easiest ways to keep traffic up at your websites is by adding new content on a regular basis. Google search results, as well as the search results of Yahoo, Microsoft, and Bing, are all influence by some degree by the freshness, or recentness of the data and information on a website and … Read more

4 Ways To Make More Money Writing Online With Shorter Tighter Articles

One of the main issues many writers stumble upon when starting to make money online by writing is that the starter jobs almost always pay a low per article rate.  That isn’t necessarily a bad thing because you have to start somewhere.  However, if you don’t want to miss a mortgage payment, you’ll have to … Read more

Easy Updates For Every Page In Your Website

Keeping your content fresh is an important component of staying on top of everyone’s search engine results rankings, including Google. But, sometimes, content just goes stale.  Maybe there is nothing more to write on the subject.  Maybe the problem that you found a solution to that nagging problem that you have been blogging about, but … Read more

Good News Bad News

The good news is that I have been very busy making money writing online. The bad news is that I have been unable to dedicate enough time to my efforts here. That will change this week. Stick around I’ve got loads of great stuff coming starting tomorrow.

Google AdSense Privacy Policy Interest Based Advertising and the DoubleClick DART Cookie

One of the most common ways to make money online by writing or any other type of website is with Google’s AdSense program.  We’ll be covering it in some detail very soon, but for now, there is an important update that you should be aware of. Google is rolling out something it is calling Interest … Read more

Use Article Directories to Build Freelance Writing Portfolio

Article directories are those websites that allow you to post pretty much whatever you want, whenever you want, once you have signed up and had enough articles manually approved.  One such site is Associated Content and Ezine are two examples of such sites. Typically, these sites do not pay anything up front, although they may … Read more