How To Delete SubDomain Permanent Redirect 301 .htaccess file

The HubPages experiment continues to be a success, though I haven’t seen any of the incoming links show up in Google WebMaster Tools yet. I’m sure that with the size and volume of HubPages, that it can take a while for the Google Spider to make its way around to indexing everything. The best thing to do is to point some more links at each Hub in order to get the indexing to happen faster. As an added bonus, that should also eventually drive more traffic and PageRank to those Hubs.

One of the reasons I like publishing writing on the HubPages is that it gives me a place to post some of my writings that are useful, informative, or otherwise quality writings, but that otherwise have no real home.

For example, yesterday I published a Hub about redirecting traffic via the .htaccess file on your webhosting account using something known as a 301 Redirect. A 301 Redirect tells both visitors and the search engine robots that the content has been permanently moved to a new location.

There are htaccess tutorials and example code all over the Internet. Unfortunately, most of them are specifically about how to move either a whole domain, or how to move a single page or directory. There isn’t too much out there about how to delete a subdomain with 301 redirect.

When I wanted to change from to that is exactly what I was looking to do. It turns out that it isn’t as simple as just getting the right htaccess code. There are a couple of other little tricks and gotchas you need to get right as well in order to make everything go smoothly.

When I finally got it right, I wrote up an article to help other writers with using .htaccess files to remove a subdomain. The only catch is that it doesn’t really fit in my usual publishing locations, so I wrote it up as a Hub and published it on HubPages. It is linked up above to get maximum SEO benefit, so go check it out. Then, do me a favor and add it to your delicious bookmarks, and any other social networking sites you use.

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